Big Day - Cedar Chelle

After A Wardrobe Mishap Ruins The First Ceremony, The Bride Marries The Same Man Twice

A wedding is a magical day that happens only once in a lifetime. But luckily for Jennifer, she got a second chance after the first was ruined when the unthinkable happened.  

It was the day she had been dreaming of since she was a little girl. Her father was walking her down the aisle while the man of her dreams was in tears of joy waiting for her.

But somehow, she felt very uneasy. It wasn’t pre-wedding jitters or cold feet though. It was in fact her dress that was the problem. It was way too tight that it was slowly suffocating her.

Soon After, The Unimaginable Happened

As she reached the altar, she heard a loud tear from the back. Suddenly, the entire room was filled with laughter.

“It was the most embarrassing moment of my life.”

“I stood in front of hundreds of guests with my panties showing.”

“Our big day was completely ruined and it’s all my fault.”


Jennifer had a beautiful dress tailor-made for the wedding. But in the months leading up to it, she had gained a few due to stress eating from wedding planning.

Running short on time, she was unable to get it altered so she figured she could squeeze into it just for the day. Little did she know, it’d be such a disaster.

The Public Humiliation Was The Last Straw For Jennifer

She knew she needed to reshape her figure so she began trying all sorts of diets: Atkins, Paleo, Keto, Jenny Craig, Weight Watches, Nutrisystem.

The pounds still wouldn’t drop so she started working out at the gym. But it still didn’t work!

Depressed, she went back into her binge eating habits but she would force herself to throw up out of guilt afterwards.

From Bad To Worse

One day, as she headed home from work, she suddenly felt dizzy and fainted.

Jennifer was immediately rushed to the hospital where she was diagnosed with bulimia.

The vicious cycle of binging and purging eventually took a toll on her body. This resulted in low blood pressure and a weakened heart.

“It’s incredibly dangerous to lose weight this way.”

“In fact, you could potentially die from this.”

“Here’s a healthier way to shed the pounds.”

– Dr. Fisher

Then, Dr. Fisher introduced Jennifer to Oliix and said:

“OIiix™ is an ongoing clinical trial that is developed by my team and I. Our goal is to revolutionize how people keep their shape in check. The idea behind it is simple yet effective. Just stick the patch onto any body part that needs downsizing. The natural active ingredients infused will work its way to boost metabolism, suppress appetite and break down stubborn fat. This will ensure maximum inch loss efficiently. The best part is that it can work independently, without exercising.”

– Dr. Fisher

It Sounded Too Good To Be True

Jennifer doubted that the patch would work… but tried it anyway. Incredibly, the pounds started to shed.

In just 1 week, she lost almost 20 lbs. Within a month, close to 80 lbs were gone. 2 months on, she successfully lost a total of 170 lbs!

She needed a change of wardrobe as they all became too big for her.

A Complete Turn Around

Jennifer couldn’t believe how this little patch has changed her life. She eventually took a trip down memory lane and tried on her wedding dress that was too small for her months ago.

This time around, she slipped into the gown effortlessly. In fact, she only fit in half the dress.

Recalling how far she had come, tears of joy came streaming down.

A Second Chance At A Fairy Tale Wedding

Jennifer wanted to redeem herself with a do-over wedding. So months later, she ended up at the altar again. But this time, in a dress that fit her shape perfectly.

Her guests were in awe of her drastic transformation that she even became unrecognizable at her own wedding.

“I’ve never been happier with my body, or felt healthier and it’s all thanks to OlIix™.”

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.”

“When life hits you hard, you get up and hit back harder.”

– Jennifer

Not all weight loss journeys have to be hard. Get one step closer to your body goal with Oliix™. After all, it’s never too late to work towards being the healthiest you.